John One Year

On September 21, 2017 by admin

I know it’s not groundbreaking news that social media brings people together. But this very idea still baffles me, especially when it causes a Michigan-based family spending the summer in Minnesota to cross paths with me. Angela, Allen, and John spent a few months in Saint Paul for Allen’s job and I had the privilege of photographing John’s FIRST YEAR milestone, just a few days shy of his first birthday. Although this little guy did not enjoy portraits without his mom or dad, I definitely got to see some of his adorable smiles when he was safely in his parents’ arms. And can we talk about his amazing head of hair?! And eyelashes?! John is a stunner, and it was SO fun to get to know this family in our short time together. Plus, the couple is expecting baby #2 and will be back in Minnesota NEXT summer. I hope to see you again then, Kadados! 

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