Gehrke Maternity

On September 6, 2015 by admin

During Laura and Bryan’s maternity session, I did NOT make it easy on this 34 week pregnant momma-to-be (especially with her poor swollen feet). We trekked through 8+ foot tall weeds and I had the couple sit on the rock hard ground (admittedly more than once) – all for the sake of beautiful backdrops. But the couple was more than willing to entertain my outlandish requests (THANK YOU, L and B!). In between shots, I heard all about their plans and preparations for Baby Boy Gehrke – the parents-to-be lit up with joy as they talked about the pending birth of their son. Much to their surprise, Matthew Richard showed up just days after this maternity session (perhaps all our adventuring and walking was to thank/blame?!). I cannot wait to meet their sweet little man. Congratulations, Laura + Bryan! I hope you are enjoying your transition into¬†parenthood.
GehrkeMaternityPreview-1 GehrkeMaternityPreview-2 GehrkeMaternityPreview-3 GehrkeMaternityPreview-4 GehrkeMaternityPreview-5 GehrkeMaternityPreview-6 GehrkeMaternityPreview-7 GehrkeMaternityPreview-8 GehrkeMaternityPreview-9 GehrkeMaternityPreview-10 GehrkeMaternityPreview-11 GehrkeMaternityPreview-12 GehrkeMaternityPreview-13

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