2014 Mini Sessions: Day 1 Preview

On November 7, 2014 by admin

I LOVE mini sessions for several reasons:

1) I get to work with a whole bunch of AMAZING families! Some of my mini session families are seasoned and loyal clients, others are brand new. For an extrovert like me, interacting with several people over the course of a few hours is energizing and wonderful.

2) I love providing families with an affordable opportunity to update their family photos just in time to send out a holiday card, hang above the fireplace and/or give as gifts during the Christmas season.

3) The locations I choose are some of my favorite places and full of breathtaking backdrops. Photographing several families at the same location challenges me in thinking creatively and uniquely for each mini session. I mean, can we just take in Day 1’s location:


What a stunning fall scape, huh?! Prior to this year, mini sessions took place during the winter season. While the sparkly, white backdrop and snow blanketing the trees is gorgeous, Minnesota winters are unpredictable and frigid cold (can someone say polar vortex?!) One of last year’s mini session dates took place in -25+ degree weather – it’s a miracle nobody lost any limbs to frostbite…

With that said, I decided to switch it up this year and take advantage of the vibrant, fall colors – which did NOT disappoint. Minnesota falls are breathtaking, and so are the families I get to photograph. Here’s a sneak peek from the first day of mini sessions – enjoy!

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