2015 Mini Sessions Day 1 Preview

On November 25, 2015 by admin

Even amidst the busyness of giving birth to my daughter in early July, soaking up all the time I could with her during maternity leave, returning to my full-time job, and shooting several weddings and other sessions between August and now, I still HAD to fit in mini sessions (even if they were scaled back this year). Mini sessions are something I look forward to each year. There’s something about having the honor of photographing families, as they take time, out of the beginning of a full holiday season and the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives, to make memories and document their dynamics and love in the present. It’s a thrill to get to know families (or catch up with┬ámy lovely loyal clients) in a twenty minute window. And I can’t WAIT to return the final products back to families, as they create holiday cards, update the outdated photo on their mantle and cherish the present moment. Here’s a sneak peek from the first day of mini sessions – if you’re interested in hearing more information about mini sessions, they generally take place in the fall. Feel free to shoot me an email now so I can put you on the mailing list OR contact me toward the end of summer (katy.cgphoto@gmail.com). Happy Thanksgiving!
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