2015 Mini Sessions Day 2 Preview

On November 26, 2015 by admin

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for SO many things. As it specifically relates to this blog post, I am thankful for the ability to do what I love – meeting beautiful individuals, interacting with clients and families during some major milestones, and having the opportunity to create images that have the potential to become heirlooms, freezing moments in time for generations to come.


I am also thankful for my family, for the sweet gift of my daughter, Grace, for the opportunity to work full time at a job I feel called to in addition to photography, for my dedicated, compassionate, and driven husband who is currently in school working for his Doctorate in Nurse Practitioning. I bring up all these things to make that point that my life is jam-packed – full of wonderful things, people, and opportunities I cherish and love – but full, nonetheless. Since my husband and I have taken on so much, I willingly admit we’ve had to let some things go. Our home is not as clean as I’d hope (especially when I was raised by a clean-freak momma ;)), I can’t remember the last time we’ve shared a home-cooked meal, and we don’t get to hang out with our family and dear friends as much as we would like.

All that to say, in this season, it is with bittersweet certainty that I’ve made the decision to take a step back in photography. I’m officially declaring myself “booked” for 2016 weddings, and I’ll be taking on MINIMAL family, senior, and other sessions (still booking engagement sessions with corresponding 2017 weddings). As much as I love photographing people and their beautiful milestones, I must guard the milestones and precious time with my own family, instead of repeatedly coming home from my 9-5, plopping in front of my computer to process, edit, blog, respond to emails, create wedding itineraries, or whizzing off to a shoot or wedding. For the time being, I need to say “no” more firmly to some things. Thankfully, the life of a photographer is flexible, and I don’t have to drop something I’m so passionate about completely.

The main point of this blog is to provide a sneak peek of the second day of mini sessions from this year. It is also intended to communicate my need to take on less work, photography-wise and in general. And one more thing – I will still provide mini sessions each fall (since I’m taking on less, I’m contemplating offering more slots than I did this year to accommodate families that are still hoping for an updated family photo – I would be HONORED). I am thankful for you all – for each and every client, friend and person I’ve had the privilege to photograph, learn from, and do life with (at whatever capacity). Happy Thanksgiving!
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