2016 Mini Sessions Day 1 Preview

On November 11, 2016 by admin

I get to work with some incredible families. Mini Sessions are a highlight of my year – getting to photograph new and loyal clients at the peak of fall color, seeing how much their kiddos have grown since the previous session. Here’s a sneak peek from the first day of mini sessions this year 🙂msblogfamilyms16-1 msblogfamilyms16-2 msblogfamilyms16-3 msblogfamilyms16-4 msblogfamilyms16-5 msblogfamilyms16-6 msblogfamilyms16-7 msblogfamilyms16-8 msblogfamilyms16-9 msblogfamilyms16-10 msblogfamilyms16-11 msblogfamilyms16-12 msblogfamilyms16-13 msblogfamilyms16-14 msblogfamilyms16-15 msblogfamilyms16-16msblogfamilyms16-17 msblogfamilyms16-18 msblogfamilyms16-19 msblogfamilyms16-20 msblogfamilyms16-21 msblogfamilyms16-22 msblogfamilyms16-23 msblogfamilyms16-24 msblogfamilyms16-25 msblogfamilyms16-26 msblogfamilyms16-27

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