Alyssa Senior Class of 2016

On August 3, 2015 by admin

Most of June was spent anticipating the arrival of my daughter’s birth. My husband and I welcomed Grace Vivian into the world at the beginning of July, and I spent the majority of the month soaking up all the time I could with her, adjusting to life as a family of three. What a sweet, tiring, beautiful few weeks – I picked up my camera to photograph sweet firsts with my daughter, but refrained from scheduling any shoots during this time. I jumped back into photography during the peak of busy season, starting with this gorgeous senior’s session last week. Alyssa, her mom and I explored the lovely St. Anthony main area, finding a variety of backdrops and scenery for her senior photos. Enjoy a sneak peek of our time together! Happy (almost) senior year, Alyssa!

AlyssaSeniorPreview-2AlyssaSeniorPreview-1AlyssaSeniorPreview-3 AlyssaSeniorPreview-4 AlyssaSeniorPreview-5AlyssaSeniorPreview-6 AlyssaSeniorPreview-7 AlyssaSeniorPreview-8 AlyssaSeniorPreview-9 AlyssaSeniorPreview-10 AlyssaSeniorPreview-11 AlyssaSeniorPreview-12AlyssaSeniorPreview-13 AlyssaSeniorPreview-14 AlyssaSeniorPreview-15 AlyssaSeniorPreview-16 AlyssaSeniorPreview-35AlyssaSeniorPreview-17 AlyssaSeniorPreview-18 AlyssaSeniorPreview-19AlyssaSeniorPreview-20 AlyssaSeniorPreview-21 AlyssaSeniorPreview-22 AlyssaSeniorPreview-23AlyssaSeniorPreview-24 AlyssaSeniorPreview-25 AlyssaSeniorPreview-26 AlyssaSeniorPreview-27 AlyssaSeniorPreview-28 AlyssaSeniorPreview-29 AlyssaSeniorPreview-30 AlyssaSeniorPreview-31 AlyssaSeniorPreview-32 AlyssaSeniorPreview-33AlyssaSeniorPreview-34AlyssaSeniorPreview-36

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  • Theresa Hoffmann

    I’m Alyssa’s Grandma and these pictures are gorgeous! It’s to hard to choose they are all so wonderful!

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