Arlt Family 2014

On November 19, 2014 by admin

I LOVE the Arlt family. Sarah has been a dear friend of mine since the eighth grade. Seriously, we were inseparable – we liked the same boys, drank Dr Pepper together and watched rom-coms like it was our job. We have traveled together and called each other “roomie” for a couple years in college. Sarah’s entire family is close-knit and always has been. This means a friendship with Sarah led to getting to know her whole family. Her oldest brother, Mike, was my AP US History teacher in high school (and will forever be Mr. Arlt to me). Her momma, Mary, was a devoted, patient and kind elementary school teacher – a teacher and individual that inspired me greatly. Dale is a master gardener whose handiwork continues to amaze me. I had the opportunity to attend John and Kara’s wedding AND second photograph Joe and Missy’s. To see this family grow is a beautiful thing. The Arlt family exudes love, warmth and welcoming arms. Needless to say, this opportunity to update their extended family photos was a joy to photograph!


– KatyArltFamily14Blog-1 ArltFamily14Blog-2 ArltFamily14Blog-3 ArltFamily14Blog-4  Outtake of Ainsley’s HILARIOUS reaction – this girl is such a ham!ArltFamily14Blog-5

John and Kara’s mini-me’sArltFamily14Blog-6 ArltFamily14Blog-7 ArltFamily14Blog-8 ArltFamily14Blog-9 ArltFamily14Blog-10 ArltFamily14Blog-11 ArltFamily14Blog-12 ArltFamily14Blog-13 ArltFamily14Blog-14 ArltFamily14Blog-15 ArltFamily14Blog-16 ArltFamily14Blog-17 ArltFamily14Blog-18 ArltFamily14Blog-19 ArltFamily14Blog-20 ArltFamily14Blog-21 ArltFamily14Blog-22 ArltFamily14Blog-23 ArltFamily14Blog-24 ArltFamily14Blog-25 ArltFamily14Blog-26 ArltFamily14Blog-27 ArltFamily14Blog-28 ArltFamily14Blog-29

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