Brady Newborn

On January 8, 2016 by admin

It seems like just yesterday we were taking Kari + Dustin’s maternity¬†photos, anticipating the arrival of their sweet baby boy. Brady finally made his appearance in November – isn’t he a handsome little guy?! Brady remained wide-eyed for the majority of his newborn session (and by the looks of it, I’m going to guess¬†he’s going to have striking blue eyes like his parents). I love capturing the delicate features parents can’t get enough of as they get to know their son or daughter for the first time – the eyes, the nose, the fingers and toes they spend countless hours gushing over, wondering who their little bundle resembles most and who they’ll grow up looking like. Enjoy this sneak peek from Brady’s newborn session, in honor of his momma returning to work for her first week back!BradyNewbornPreview-1 BradyNewbornPreview-2 BradyNewbornPreview-3 BradyNewbornPreview-4 BradyNewbornPreview-5 BradyNewbornPreview-6 BradyNewbornPreview-7 BradyNewbornPreview-8 BradyNewbornPreview-9 BradyNewbornPreview-10 BradyNewbornPreview-11 BradyNewbornPreview-12 BradyNewbornPreview-13 BradyNewbornPreview-14 BradyNewbornPreview-15 BradyNewbornPreview-16 BradyNewbornPreview-17

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