Carsten Newborn

On March 3, 2015 by admin

This past fall, I had the privilege of meeting and photographing this beautiful family of three. One of the reasons I love photographing families with small children is they typically make you WORK for a great shot – yes, kids are naturally ADORABLE, but they are also constantly on the go, unwilling to sit still and can take a bit to warm up to the camera. Gavin was apprehensive about me snapping his photo atĀ first, but eventually he came out of his shell. His smile sure tusg at your heart strings, doesn’t it?! šŸ™‚DaisFamilyBlog-2 DaisFamilyBlog-4A couple weeks ago, sweet GavinĀ became a big brother, and the family welcomed Carsten into the world. Normally, newborns are sleepy during their sessions; Carsten had other plans. This darling babe remained wide eyed and alert duringĀ the ENTIRE session. So, we rolled with it. Here’s a sneak peek from Carsten’s newborn session.

– Katy

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