Eliza Six Months

On March 18, 2017 by admin

Eliza smiled for 95% of her entire session (she shed a few tears when I accidentally pulled the rug from underneath her and she toppled over, totally my bad :/) – through outfit changes, spit-up, and switching of scenery.¬†This girl is a DREAM to photograph. It’s evident she adores her parents, and you’ll soon see where she got her nickname “Cheeky”. Six month sessions are SO sweet, and an opportunity to capture the new and wobbly, independent sitters and the incredible development that occurs in six short months. Plus, we got to capture Eliza in her Easter dress and a couple other ADORABLE bloomer outfits. This girl looks great in anything you put her in, but the blues really bring out her gorgeous eyes. I can’t wait for your one year session, sweet girl!¬†

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