Elyse + Chris Engagement Session

On December 9, 2014 by admin

I realized something during Elyse and Chris’ engagement session: I am NOT a country girl. The couple selected a rustic barnyard for their engagement photo setting, on a farm that has been in Chris’ family for a few generations. I SQUEALED when I pulled up to the beautifully worn, red barn and saw rolling fields and a whole lot of country! But as the engagement session progressed, I realized how little I knew about the country life. When we made our trek through the field (the same field I had coveted since my arrival), I heard lots of rustling and high pitched squeaks – Chris informed me field mice were the culprits, (yes, field mice really do exist and really do make their homes in…fields). I also learned that beautiful red sumac trees are actually poisonous to some people – who knew?!

Needless to say, I got a miniature education on the country life from a wonderful country boy and his beautiful bride to be. I loved photographing Elyse and Chris’ engagement photos and cannot wait to photograph this couple’s wedding next September! Here’s a look into our time together. Cheers, you two!

– Katy
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