Emzley Newborn

On April 1, 2015 by admin

Just days after posting the Stelmazek family’s maternity session, this family of three welcomed their newest addition to the world and became a family of four. World, meet Emzley. She was the ideal subject – Emzley slept through her ENTIRE newborn session, despite being moved, held, propped up in vintage suitcases and baskets and switched in and out headbands (P.S. This girl already has a collection of headbands any girly girl would be jealous of). And would you just look at that beautiful head of hair?!

This family has a remarkable story about the conception and births of their darling daughters – in my limited interaction with them, I am inspired by their hope, unwavering faith and beautiful miracles. I love when clients become friends; it has been a privilege to get to know and work with this family.  Enjoy a preview of Emzley’s newborn session 🙂

– Katy

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