February Studio Sessions

On February 26, 2016 by admin

This month I rented the most GORGEOUS studio space from Krista Reynolds Photography. I haven’t officially met this fellow photographer, but I have MAD respect for her especially after seeing her white, shiplap studio and her incredible eye for design (it got me dreaming about the possibility of my own studio space someday). I got to spend time photographing two sets of brothers (and their parents) I absolutely adore, one of my favorite (almost) four year olds, a pretty, pretty princess, a new mommy and her sweet baby B, take headshots for two beautiful women I love, and chase kiddos around 80% of the time. I crammed a lot into this three hour chunk in the studio and I can’t wait to book more studio sessions again SOON (if you’re interested in a future studio space, email me!). Until then, enjoy these sneak peeks. Have I mentioned how much I love my clients lately? Because I do. And the line between client and friend is so very blurred 😉

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