Fenske Family – May 2016

On May 27, 2016 by admin

I know I’ve said it a thousand times. But I LOVE building relationships with clients – celebrating with couples on their wedding day, witnessing their love deepen as they do life together, seeing families grow and watching little ones reach new milestones and develop their unique personalities. The Fenskes are one of the families I’ve had the privilege of photographing over the last couple years. Janine and Elliot are fun-loving, amazing individuals (I mean, come on, Janine frisbee-golfs with her hubby, how cute is that?!), and they’ve raised some pretty darling boys. I loved having an opportunity to photograph each relationship between this family of four – Jaxton had way too many kisses for his brother (often grabbing him in a headlock to lay one on Jonah ;)). He is crazy about his momma and hates messes like his daddy (there’s a reason why Jaxton and Elliot are in very few of the concluding ice-cream photos ;)). Jonah is incredibly chill, taking everything in and making me work for those smiles. He stood on his own for the first time during this session, motivated by his deliciously sloppy ice cream cone – how perfect! Enjoy this sneak peek of a wonderful family! FenskeFamilyMayBlog-1 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-3 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-4 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-5 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-6 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-7 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-8 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-9 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-10 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-11 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-12 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-13 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-14 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-15 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-16 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-18 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-19 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-20 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-21 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-22 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-23 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-24 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-25 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-26 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-27 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-28 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-29 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-30 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-31 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-32 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-33 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-34 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-35 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-36 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-37 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-38 FenskeFamilyMayBlog-39

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