Isabella Newborn

On October 16, 2015 by admin

Almost exactly one year prior to¬†photographing¬†this darling little lady, I was photographing her parents’ wedding. Both of these occasions were joyous celebrations in Erik and Amelia’s life together I was privileged to photograph. Sweet Isabella’s life is a testament to how much can change in one year. Congratulations to a beautiful family!IzzyNewbornBlog-1 IzzyNewbornBlog-2 IzzyNewbornBlog-3 IzzyNewbornBlog-4 IzzyNewbornBlog-5 IzzyNewbornBlog-6 IzzyNewbornBlog-7 IzzyNewbornBlog-8 IzzyNewbornBlog-9 IzzyNewbornBlog-10 IzzyNewbornBlog-11 IzzyNewbornBlog-12 IzzyNewbornBlog-13 IzzyNewbornBlog-14 IzzyNewbornBlog-15 IzzyNewbornBlog-16 IzzyNewbornBlog-17 IzzyNewbornBlog-18

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