Jean + Brian Engagement Session

On June 1, 2017 by admin

Jean and Brian recently purchased a home within walking distance of Minnehaha Falls, so it only made sense that we photographed their engagement session at their lovely neighborhood park. I love Minnehaha – for the obvious reasons like the incredible falls that adds a sparkle to photos when captured in the right light (see photos below), but also because there is SO much variety in scenery – from the luscious forest scapes to the riverbanks, flower gardens, old homes, and an urban flair surrounding it all. Minnehaha in spring is especially dreamy; everything is green and in bloom (like the cherry blossom tree we found and had to wait our turn to use, as another photographer wrapped up taking photos beneath it). Venturing with Jean and Brian led me to different paths I hadn’t taken before, and their love was SO fun to photograph. Our session started with Brian sticking his tongue out at Jean, to which she responded with a fit of giggles and an explanation to me that Brian tends to do this a LOT to make her laugh – how adorable is that?! This couple was relaxed and up for anything, photo wise. I’m even more excited to photograph their wedding this October after wandering around Minnehaha and watching them interact. Congratulations, lovebirds! 

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