Jessie Senior Class of 2016

On September 12, 2015 by admin

Sitting on a stranger’s front stoop. Posing in front of adorable storefronts. Waiting our turn to use an alleyway. Making fun of cliche senior poses. Laughing at Tina (aka the best reflector holder ever). Showing me her infamous wink. Teaching me how to properly pronounce the word “peplum”. Using a repurposed dog brush to primp between poses ;). This all happened during Jessie’s senior session, as we wandered the beautiful streets of Northfield (with her entourage – her momma, aunt, cousin and neighbor). This senior has a big personality and a beautiful smile. Needless to say, we shared tons of laughs as we captured Jessie’s photographs. Enjoy your senior year, Jess!JessieSeniorBlog-1 JessieSeniorBlog-2 JessieSeniorBlog-3 JessieSeniorBlog-4 JessieSeniorBlog-5 JessieSeniorBlog-6 JessieSeniorBlog-7 JessieSeniorBlog-8 JessieSeniorBlog-9 JessieSeniorBlog-10 JessieSeniorBlog-11 JessieSeniorBlog-12 JessieSeniorBlog-13 JessieSeniorBlog-14 JessieSeniorBlog-15 JessieSeniorBlog-16 JessieSeniorBlog-17 JessieSeniorBlog-18 JessieSeniorBlog-19 JessieSeniorBlog-20 JessieSeniorBlog-21 JessieSeniorBlog-22 JessieSeniorBlog-23 JessieSeniorBlog-24 JessieSeniorBlog-25 JessieSeniorBlog-26 JessieSeniorBlog-27 JessieSeniorBlog-28 JessieSeniorBlog-29

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