Jonah Newborn

On May 28, 2015 by admin

I first photographed the Fenske family a couple years ago – Jaxton was an only child, and barely mobile. With each family session, Jaxton has become more active and grown more into his adorable personality. The Fenskes welcomed their second son, Jonah, earlier this month. At birth, he was (almost) 10 pounds of cuteness. Jonah┬áslept through his ENTIRE newborn session! I cannot wait to watch this little guy grow – I enjoy his family a whole lot! Check out a sneak peek from Jonah’s newborn session.

– KatyJonahNewbornPreview-1 JonahNewbornPreview-2 JonahNewbornPreview-3 JonahNewbornPreview-4 JonahNewbornPreview-5 JonahNewbornPreview-6 JonahNewbornPreview-7 JonahNewbornPreview-8 JonahNewbornPreview-9 JonahNewbornPreview-10 JonahNewbornPreview-11 JonahNewbornPreview-12 JonahNewbornPreview-13 JonahNewbornPreview-14 JonahNewbornPreview-15 JonahNewbornPreview-16 JonahNewbornPreview-17 JonahNewbornPreview-18

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