Kaylin Senior

On March 30, 2016 by admin

Immediately after meeting up with this darling senior and her beau, I could tell it was going to be a thrilling session! Kaylin unloaded a bajillion different outfit combinations (complete with a variety of sweet kicks) and was completely open to my vision for composing her senior photos. Her boyfriend, Max, not only came for moral support (for Kaylin AND me – he helped to hold the reflector :)), but also to document the session for the couple’s vlog AND to jump into some photographs with Kaylin!

Needless to say, this session was full of laughter and love. I laughed watching Kaylin do her twirly trick that helped make her smile more genuine; I laughed trying to instruct the couple from the other side of a shop window (where they romantically sipped hot chocolate); I laughed when I witnessed the most epic photobomb (and the photobomber’s┬ámortified daughters’ reaction to said photobomb). Senior sessions are already an incredible milestone to document, and what fun to incorporate loved ones (whether it’s a significant other, parent, or friend) into some photographs.

Enjoy this sneak peek into Kaylin’s senior session!KaylinSeniorBlog-1 KaylinSeniorBlog-2 KaylinSeniorBlog-3 KaylinSeniorBlog-4 KaylinSeniorBlog-5 KaylinSeniorBlog-6 KaylinSeniorBlog-7KaylinSeniorBlog-27 KaylinSeniorBlog-8 KaylinSeniorBlog-9 KaylinSeniorBlog-10 KaylinSeniorBlog-11 KaylinSeniorBlog-12 KaylinSeniorBlog-13 KaylinSeniorBlog-14 KaylinSeniorBlog-15 KaylinSeniorBlog-16 KaylinSeniorBlog-17KaylinSeniorBlog-18 KaylinSeniorBlog-19 KaylinSeniorBlog-20 KaylinSeniorBlog-21 KaylinSeniorBlog-22 KaylinSeniorBlog-23 KaylinSeniorBlog-24 KaylinSeniorBlog-25 KaylinSeniorBlog-26

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