Lindsey + Conor Engagement Session: San Diego, CA

On May 21, 2016 by admin

Another one of my cousins and dearest friends is ENGAGED! Lindsey and I have been through big changes, break ups, loss and SO much of life together. She is a top notch friend – so thoughtful and fun, with a thirst for adventure and always willing to lend a listening ear. When she left me (and Minnesota) for a huge job opportunity San Diego a couple years ago, I must admit I was a little bitter. But now that she has met and is engaged to her dreamy Navy boy, Conor (who she met in SD), it only makes sense why Linds ended up there (plus I have a killer excuse to visit SD on a regular basis ;)). I enjoyed romping around San Diego – Coronado Island, Balboa Park – and getting SO inspired by the sunshine, bright and luscious colors, and this model couple (who are CRAZY about each other). Enjoy this sneak peek of Lindsey + Conor’s engagement session!
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