Martin Rosenbush Family

On June 3, 2016 by admin

When Kathy and Rob wed, two beautiful families united. On the evening before their wedding day, we spent some time capturing each individual and all sorts of combinations. Here’s a sneak peek – cheers to the Martins! RosenbushMartinBlog-1 RosenbushMartinBlog-2 RosenbushMartinBlog-3 RosenbushMartinBlog-4 RosenbushMartinBlog-5 RosenbushMartinBlog-6 RosenbushMartinBlog-7 RosenbushMartinBlog-8 RosenbushMartinBlog-9 RosenbushMartinBlog-10 RosenbushMartinBlog-11 RosenbushMartinBlog-12 RosenbushMartinBlog-13 RosenbushMartinBlog-14 RosenbushMartinBlog-15 RosenbushMartinBlog-16 RosenbushMartinBlog-17 RosenbushMartinBlog-18 RosenbushMartinBlog-19 RosenbushMartinBlog-20 RosenbushMartinBlog-21 RosenbushMartinBlog-22 RosenbushMartinBlog-24 RosenbushMartinBlog-25

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  • john talcott

    It is great to see how the Lord has wonderfully blessed you and your family. Please say HI to the kids.
    (John and Marty Talcott – pastors of Oil of Joy Fellowship, Superior.

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