Mason Newborn

On October 13, 2015 by admin

As a rule of thumb, first-time parents seem to be full of a mixture of wonder, excitement, thrill fatigue, and a dash of fear as they learn the ropes of parenthood. Caring for a new life involves getting to know him (or her) – taking in every single one of their unique features, learning about what he needs by distinguishing between each cry or noise, and watching him grow before your very eyes (sometimes over night). I had the pleasure of photographing sweet Mason and his parents during my maternity leave, as I was learning the ropes and marveling at the life I had been entrusted with – right alongside Allison and Cory. Being in a similar season made me more appreciative and excited about documenting Mason’s newness – I have a better understanding about the importance of freezing time. Enjoy this sneak peek from Mason’s session (and by the way, can you guess what his awesome nursery theme is by a couple of the blankets?!)
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