Mason Three Year

On April 3, 2015 by admin


I cannot believe the boy who made me an aunt turns THREE years old this week. This bright-eyed boy has a big personality and so many things to say. He has brought so much laughter and joy into this world – it’s been a treat to watch him grow. In honor of Mase’s third birthday, I took a walk down memory lane and am sharing some of my favorite snapshots of this sweet boy taken over the years (with a few new ones to commemorate this birthday milestone).

BlogMason0months-1 BlogMason6months-1 BlogMason6months-2 BlogMason6months-3 BlogMason6months-4 BlogMason12months-1 BlogMason12months-2 BlogMason18months-1 BlogMasonyear2-1 BlogMasonyear2-2 BlogMasonyear2.5-1 BlogMasonyear2.5-2 BlogMasonyear2.5-3 BlogMasonyear3-3 BlogMasonyear3-4 BlogMasonyear3-5 BlogMasonyear3-6 BlogMasonyear3-7

I can’t resist sharing some pictures of Jax, as well.

BlogJax-1 BlogJax-2 BlogJax-3 BlogJax-4 BlogJax-5 BlogJax-6

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  • Elizabeth Jones

    I love these boys and the pictures of them are absolutely precious!!! You truly capture adorable images!! Love love love!!!!

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