Matt + Erica Engagement Session

On November 16, 2015 by admin

I’m freaking out about this session.

Like actually holding back squeals and refraining from busting out my happy dance. Why? Because this is one incredible couple who photograph incredibly well. Matt and Erica have a great sense of humor – there were several outtakes of these two goofing around that made me laugh out loud. Their fur baby, Brutus is such a giant baby (who ruined Erica’s handmade sign after the first couple frames – I’m telling you, laughable ;)). They are also comfortable – both in front of the camera and with one another. They didn’t mind smooching a thousand times (in front of a large audience, I might add – two dogs, one baby and three adults), or sitting on a log peacefully touching foreheads – no matter how awkward the pose sounded.

I enjoyed exploring St Anthony Main area with this wonderful couple – they have memories training for a marathon together and running across the Stone Arch Bridge, so we HAD to use this scenic area for a backdrop. On a personal note, Matt is one of my husband’s oldest and dearest friends. All that to say, we are absolutely thrilled for this couple and cannot wait for their wedding next June. I’m sure their engagement session was one of many adventures in store for us all. Congratulations, Matt and Erica! We’re excited to celebrate YOU!
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