Mollie + Kellen Engagement Session

On November 6, 2015 by admin

There’s something extra sweet about photographing people you’ve known for a long, long time. Such is the case with Mollie and Kellen: I have distinct memories of the two of them interacting in high school English class and noticing a spark between them. It came as NO┬ásurprise when these lovebirds became an item after high school. And now they’ve got the sweetest fur baby and are planning their wedding. What a joy to catch up with these two, and to see how their relationship has grown. Mollie and Kellen, I had a blast competing for Lucy’s attention with the throngs of high school students taking homecoming photos, seeing where you got engaged, capturing the beginning of bright, fall colors and even the lingering light and warmth of summer. I look forward to documenting yet another milestone in your May wedding! Cheers!MollieKellenEngagementBlog-1 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-2 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-3 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-4 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-5MollieKellenEngagementBlog-6 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-7 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-8 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-9 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-10MollieKellenEngagementBlog-11 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-12 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-13 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-14 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-15 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-16 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-17 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-18MollieKellenEngagementBlog-19 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-20 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-21 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-23 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-24 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-25 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-26MollieKellenEngagementBlog-27 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-28 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-29 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-30 MollieKellenEngagementBlog-31

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