Nora Six Months

On April 14, 2017 by admin

I met this beautiful babe when she was three months old and was instantly smitten with her! Nothing has changed (besides some added chunk and her ever growing luscious locks…okay a lot has changed) three months later for her SIX month milestone session! Nora is now cooing and sitting on her own. She’s OBSESSED with her dog and flashed the most smiles when she was looking at her mom and dad. I LOVE photographing families in their home, especially when it’s as picturesque as Josh and Kayla’s! I cannot wait to see how much Nora grows these next three months!

As a side note, I am religious about updating my blog with recent projects. The unfortunate reality about being so focused about blogging is my main website is long overdue for some TLC (seriously, I’m ashamed at the current state of my galleries :/). Now that I’m caught up on editing, I’ll be spending these next few weeks, the last of the “slow” season, working with a few¬†of my talented design friends on some much needed updating – logo and branding included. Keep your eyes open!

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