Roisin + Kyle Engagement Session

On February 12, 2016 by admin

How incredibly heartwarming it is to see someone you love so in love with another human being. My mother calls these two the “sunshine couple” and rightfully so – Roisin and Kyle both possess a zest for life and profound love for one another. Their relationship has endured long distances and deepened over time. Over the years, I witnessed my cousin’s eyes light up whenever she talked about Kyle; I watched her work through normal hesitancies that surface as relationships progress. I am thankful for Kyle’s willingness to support my dear cousin’s passions, as evidenced by his following her all over the country. He loves Roisin’s tender heart so well.

What a (freezing) privilege to venture through a (cold) winter wonderland, photographing rosy cheeks, palpable love, and laughter during Roisin and Kyle’s engagement session. I am looking forward to standing alongside this dynamic duo as they devote their lives to one another this September. Roisin and Kyle, I love you dearly.
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2 Responses to “Roisin + Kyle Engagement Session”

  • Karen Duffy

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple. Can’t wait to be there for the big day in September! xx

  • Wow! What gorgeous pictures of a fabulous couple. Looking forward to September…. Already working with Roisin in planning the flowers for the big day. Going to be a logistical nightmare seen as how I’m in Ireland! lol Looking forward to the challenge. I hope to make their big day as special as you did with their engagement session! You’re very talented. BTW I’m Roisin’s Uncle 🙂

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