Rose Family

On December 18, 2016 by admin

Snow was falling my entire drive to this session, doubling the normal drive time. It made for some pretty crummy (and dangerous – sorry, Mom!) road conditions, but it was too picturesque to postpone a session! Plus, my session was with the Rose family, who I’ve been photographing since Chris and Christy got married a few years back. We’ve been through a LOT together, me and the Rose family -we’ve endured negative temperatures during winter mini sessions, made the most out of a freezing cold October wedding day (when Ashton got really sick)…you get the picture. Each year I photograph this family, I get to see the kiddos grow more and more into their fun selves (and Kayla has surpassed Christy height-wise, too – it’s a sore subject for Christy ;)). All that to say, I just couldn’t postpone the fun we were bound to have. This family always has a great mixture of ideas, props (like hot chocolate and a vintage sled…I mean, COME ON!), and being willing to try anything for photos. Is it any wonder I love photographing them? Thanks for another fun session, Rose fam! <3


Update (now that the news it out): Another reason why we couldn’t postpone this session was because Chris and Christy had started the initial stages of the adoption process and wanted to have photos to show their future child, commemorating the waiting season. Flash forward to last month, when I get a text from Christy asking about my newborn and maternity photography – after months and months, Christy got pregnant unexpectedly! I love when exciting, incredible things like this happen. These two will be the best parents (round THREE ;))! Congrats, you guys!

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