Rose Family

On January 11, 2016 by admin

Photographing the Rose family is always a blast – this session was no exception. I mistook Chris’ duck call ringtone for an actual duck and looked up startled. Kayla and Ashton insisted on photobombing Chris and Christy. There were silly faces galore, Chris tried to feel Christy up (see if you can spot the picture where he got rejected – HAHA), and non-stop smiling. This family is wonderful – enjoy a sneak peek from their session this fall!RoseFamilyBlog-1 RoseFamilyBlog-2 RoseFamilyBlog-3 RoseFamilyBlog-4 RoseFamilyBlog-5 RoseFamilyBlog-6 RoseFamilyBlog-7 RoseFamilyBlog-8 RoseFamilyBlog-9 RoseFamilyBlog-10 RoseFamilyBlog-11 RoseFamilyBlog-12 RoseFamilyBlog-13 RoseFamilyBlog-14 RoseFamilyBlog-15 RoseFamilyBlog-16 RoseFamilyBlog-17 RoseFamilyBlog-18 RoseFamilyBlog-19 RoseFamilyBlog-20 RoseFamilyBlog-21 RoseFamilyBlog-22 RoseFamilyBlog-23 RoseFamilyBlog-24 RoseFamilyBlog-25

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