Sam + Adam Engagement Session

On November 14, 2015 by admin

Sam and Adam met over their love for baseball. So naturally, we HAD to hop a fence and take some photos in a baseball field. Together, their names are an unintentional advertisement for the Boston-based beer – so the couple brought some bottles of brew to incorporate in photos (we’re hoping Sam Adams takes advantage of the advertising opportunity and rewards the couple handsomely – I’m thinking a lifetime supply of beer would suffice ;)) Even in spending a short amount of time with this couple, it’s evident how much they love each other. I loved watching Sam laugh (while simultaneously rolling her eyes) at Adam, as he goofed around during the session. I am looking forward to shooting their wedding in May – enjoy this sneak peek from their engagement session!SamAdamEsessionBlog-1 SamAdamEsessionBlog-4 SamAdamEsessionBlog-5 SamAdamEsessionBlog-6 SamAdamEsessionBlog-7 SamAdamEsessionBlog-8 SamAdamEsessionBlog-9 SamAdamEsessionBlog-10 SamAdamEsessionBlog-11 SamAdamEsessionBlog-12 SamAdamEsessionBlog-13 SamAdamEsessionBlog-14 SamAdamEsessionBlog-15 SamAdamEsessionBlog-16 SamAdamEsessionBlog-17 SamAdamEsessionBlog-18 SamAdamEsessionBlog-19 SamAdamEsessionBlog-20 SamAdamEsessionBlog-21 SamAdamEsessionBlog-22 SamAdamEsessionBlog-23 SamAdamEsessionBlog-24 SamAdamEsessionBlog-25 SamAdamEsessionBlog-26 SamAdamEsessionBlog-27 SamAdamEsessionBlog-28 SamAdamEsessionBlog-29 SamAdamEsessionBlog-30 SamAdamEsessionBlog-31 SamAdamEsessionBlog-32 SamAdamEsessionBlog-33 SamAdamEsessionBlog-34 SamAdamEsessionBlog-35

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