Sam + Adam Wedding – Lakeville, MN

On June 20, 2016 by admin

I couldn’t imagine photographing any other wedding to kick of this year’s busy season besides Sam + Adam’s. This couple is an amazing balance of comical and laid-back, willing to trek through forests, fields, and puddles for the sake of the photo, laughing while they went. Sam and Adam¬†experienced an array of emotions on their wedding day, and were incredibly expressive in their joy – both in their laughter and tears. Sam was overcome with emotion as she walked toward her groom for their first look. Tears streamed down her face and continued falling well into their more posed couple photos. Adam even shed a few tears as his bride walked down the aisle during the ceremony. In between these moving moments was a whole lot of laughter – I mean, how could you not laugh hanging out with such a hilarious wedding party?! Enjoy this sneak peek from the Seaman wedding – congrats, you two!

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Brackett’s Crossing Country Club

Makeup Artist: Linnea Giles

Hair Stylist: Natalie Pinault

Florist: Petals and Balloons on Main

Band: In The Fields

Cake: Cakes by Jan

Special shoutout to Nick Lieser and Emily Weidner for second shooting and assisting!

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  • Laura/Mom Wadding

    Some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen taken of a wedding.
    What an amazing day it was! XXOO to all. Mom/Laura

  • Roxy Wadding

    Thanks for sharing! Den and Roxy Wadding

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