Sipple Family

On September 4, 2015 by admin

I’ve had the privilege of photographing Tamara and Kyle’s family since meeting them during mini sessions last fall. Since then, their only child (Roz – a life-sized doll) has become a big sister to sweet Emzley. While I’ve gotten to know “Pa” and “Granny-pants” during prior sessions (to which I owe pretty much ALL the credit to for getting Roz to smile during photos), this was the first time I got to meet Tamara’s brother, sister in law and nephew, Grayson. It was no surprise that these family members were equally as sweet and genuine as the Stelmazeks. While getting three family members under the age of three to all look at the camera at the same time (let alone smile ;)), we sure got some great shots. I LOVE getting to know and photographing growing families and kids – one of the many perks of being a photographer (ESPECIALLY when they are as wonderful as this one). Enjoy this sneak peek!SippleStelmazekPreview-1 Where it all started 🙂SippleStelmazekPreview-2 SippleStelmazekPreview-3 SippleStelmazekPreview-4 SippleStelmazekPreview-5 SippleStelmazekPreview-6 SippleStelmazekPreview-7 SippleStelmazekPreview-8 SippleStelmazekPreview-9 SippleStelmazekPreview-10 SippleStelmazekPreview-11 SippleStelmazekPreview-12 SippleStelmazekPreview-13 SippleStelmazekPreview-14 SippleStelmazekPreview-15 SippleStelmazekPreview-16 SippleStelmazekPreview-17 SippleStelmazekPreview-18 SippleStelmazekPreview-19 SippleStelmazekPreview-20 SippleStelmazekPreview-21 SippleStelmazekPreview-22 SippleStelmazekPreview-23 SippleStelmazekPreview-24 SippleStelmazekPreview-25 SippleStelmazekPreview-26 SippleStelmazekPreview-27 SippleStelmazekPreview-28

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