Stevens Family

On May 17, 2016 by admin

I’m a huge fan of Anna, Jerome and Lily, so when Anna asked if we could include her side of the family in a session I knew it would be a joy! Lily and her cousin Mary (who are SO cute together) preferred romping around over posed, still photographs (what toddlers don’t?!) but we still managed to get some of these adorable girls and their family. Enjoy this sneak peek!BergquistExtended2016Preview-1 BergquistExtended2016Preview-2 BergquistExtended2016Preview-3 BergquistExtended2016Preview-4 BergquistExtended2016Preview-5 BergquistExtended2016Preview-6 BergquistExtended2016Preview-7 BergquistExtended2016Preview-8 BergquistExtended2016Preview-9 BergquistExtended2016Preview-10 BergquistExtended2016Preview-11 BergquistExtended2016Preview-12 BergquistExtended2016Preview-13 BergquistExtended2016Preview-14 BergquistExtended2016Preview-15 BergquistExtended2016Preview-16 BergquistExtended2016Preview-17 BergquistExtended2016Preview-18 BergquistExtended2016Preview-19 BergquistExtended2016Preview-20 BergquistExtended2016Preview-21 BergquistExtended2016Preview-22

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