Tinley One Year

On November 17, 2016 by admin

For the first part of her session Tinley refused to smile, watching me with suspicion. Boy, did we work HARD for her smiles which made them all the more rewarding. Once she warmed up to the camera, this girl was loads of fun – chewing on her shoes, running all around the studio (don’t even get me started on the adorableness of Tinley in a tutu running around – DARLING), and taking it easy on her smash cake (in her defense, it was somewhat frozen and wouldn’t budge ;)). Tinley girl, it was a pleasure to meet you and be your birthday twin!tinleyoneyearblog-1tinleyoneyearblog-24 tinleyoneyearblog-2 tinleyoneyearblog-3tinleyoneyearblog-26 tinleyoneyearblog-4tinleyoneyearblog-25 tinleyoneyearblog-5 tinleyoneyearblog-6 tinleyoneyearblog-7 tinleyoneyearblog-8 tinleyoneyearblog-10 tinleyoneyearblog-11 tinleyoneyearblog-12 tinleyoneyearblog-13 tinleyoneyearblog-14 tinleyoneyearblog-15 tinleyoneyearblog-16 tinleyoneyearblog-17 tinleyoneyearblog-18 tinleyoneyearblog-19 tinleyoneyearblog-20 tinleyoneyearblog-21 tinleyoneyearblog-22 tinleyoneyearblog-23

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