Utah’s Big Cottonwood Canyon Golden Hour

On June 6, 2017 by admin

A few weeks ago, I ventured out to Park City, Utah to “help” (read “watch, in jaw-dropping awe”) my cousin and her fiancĂ© in the final months of their wedding planning. We spent the majority of the weekend meeting with Lindsey and Conor’s vendors – the caterer, photographer, DJ, florist, hair stylist, and makeup artist, and tasting the delicious local food (and cake) that will be featured at what’s bound to be a gorgeous and rustic July wedding. As if Lindsey hadn’t already crammed enough into her weekend home, she made time for us to play – helping me bring to life some photos of her in a light, airy dress set within the rugged mountain scapes of Big Cottonwood Canyon during none other than golden hour. Moments before we started this session, Lindsey wrapped up a bridal session with her wedding photographer, stripped down and safely stowed her wedding dress, let down her trial up-do, and managed to slip into this stunning hunter green number. Conor and my cousin, Emma, met us in the canyon and Lindsey and Conor proceeded to kiss a bunch while I posed them like my very own Barbie and Ken dolls (Emma watched my daughter, Grace in the car below – for some reason the toddler and heights combo freaks me out – thanks, Em!) 

Emma took a turn modeling, and I’m SO glad that she did. This girl is a BEAUT, just like her older sister. During our quick visit to the canyon, I barked out orders for Lindsey to “get in the WATER” (picture the scene from the Notebook, only way less romantic), to which she begrudgingly obeyed (with a little sass and a flash of her middle finger ;)). What a blast gaining more experience shooting in the mountains and being inspired by new landscapes and sweet love. Linds and Con, I’m SO thrilled for you guys and cannot wait for you to seal the deal in July! Love you both. 

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