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On October 18, 2014 by admin

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Dearest friends, clients, clients turned friends, prospective clients, fellow photographers, photography lovers, and to those that just happened to stumble across this,

You read it correctly – I finally have a BLOG (insert happy dance here)! While the Captured Glory Photography Facebook page has served me well, it is time to turn more to the blogging world. Why, you may wonder? Because a blog is a wonderful outlet for telling stories – the stories of brides and grooms on the day they greatly anticipated, the culmination of all their planning and preparation; the stories of families coming together for a photo session that captures their present season of life; the stories of seniors, documenting their style and their personalities as they head into their final year of high school; the stories of some of the first moments of life, some of the most memorable, emotional, joy-filled, beautiful moments. As a photographer, I get to tell stories – the stories of some amazing individuals and some amazing love stories.

I love being a story-teller. Candidly and journalistically capturing moments. Your moments. Freezing time. So won’t you read on, as I capture some sweet moments – welcome, welcome to my blog.





– Katy

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