Zoe Senior Class of 2016

On June 27, 2015 by admin

Upon first meeting Zoe, I was immediately impressed by her ambition. We spent the majority of her senior session chatting about her passions, hobbies, and career dreams between poses, as we explored St. Anthony Main. Zoe hopes to pursue a career in social work, which aligns well with the kindness that radiates from this beautiful girl.

I’m only taking on a handful of seniors this year (as my husband and I anxiously anticipate the arrival of our first child – due any day now), but it’s seniors like Zoe that couldn’t make me hang up senior shoots entirely. I love getting to know and photograph soon-to-be seniors, as they step into a final year of familiarity and have so much opportunity awaiting them. Congratulations, Zoe. It was an honor to photograph this milestone 🙂

– Katy
ZoeSeniorBlog-1 ZoeSeniorBlog-2 ZoeSeniorBlog-3I’m convinced Ellie is the most photogenic dog ever…and Zoe had a wonderful support team present at her session 🙂
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